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Motorcycle accident victims usually endure the worst physical damage in a collision. They don’t have the body of the car to safeguard them nor a seatbelt, and they are often unnoticed by motorists.

Yet, motorcycle accidents are generally blamed on the motorcyclist. On hectic Los Angeles highways and streets, bikers can fall victim to intoxicated or distracted drivers, harmful traffic scenarios, and even common blind spots.

Truck and car drivers who change lanes improperly can force motorcyclists off the road, causing serious accident injuries, from burns and abrasions to broken bones, brain injuries, or spine injuries. Often enough, the negligence of other drivers can cause death to the motorcyclist.

In the case of a motorcycle injury, you’re likely to have collected numerous medical bills. On top of that, you may end up with many life-changing injuries that leave you quadriplegic, paraplegic, or with cognitive issues.

A motorcycle crash can leave you with years of physical discomfort, rehabilitation, and emotional agony. You may even have to undergo intense physical therapy to regain your ability to walk, write, and talk. In turn, this could present a loss of income for you.

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