Full representation for commercial truck accidents

Traffic on the highways in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Santa Monica is dangerous and crowded enough already – a commercial truck accident can be especially harmful.

The typical 50-foot 18-wheeler truck weighs about 80,000 pounds while carrying a full load. If a fully packed truck falls on a bike or a car, the outcome could be devastating if not fatal.
We have seen all kinds of industrial truck crashes and know what to expect. We make it our job to represent all of our customers boldly and faithfully, and we can help you too.
We manage everything from submitting legal forms, carrying out witness interviews, shooting photographs of the accident, and preparing evidence like the truck’s “black box.”
First and foremost we’ll also ensure that you receive the medical attention that you deserve. It’s also not out of our reach to get you compensation for car repairs, replacement, and any other work needed if your car is damaged or destroyed in the accident.

3 Common Truck Accidents

  • Exhausted drivers may fall asleep at the wheel. They might swerve through numerous lanes of traffic or even roll over onto other cars. A truck that is incorrectly packed or fully loaded can fishtail and lose control.
  • DUI truck accidents are extremely dangerous. The intoxicated driver may not know how fast they are actually driving. They might swerve into oncoming traffic, over the sidewalk, or worse.
  • Distracted truck drivers can cause fatal sideswipes or multi-car pile-ups. A truck driver who is texting while driving or not paying attention to the road can rear-end automobiles at such a high speed as to create a domino effect on the cars in front of them. Rainy or wet conditions can make these accidents even worse.

The Law Offices of Olga Troshchiy will handle every aspect of your injury case for you, from insurance coverage forms, to interviewing witnesses, to photographing the scene of the accident.
We will do everything in our power to demand the full compensation you deserve. There are no upfront costs needed – call us today for a free consultation.

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