California law prohibits age discrimination

California law prohibits age discrimination. As employees age, particularly into the so-called golden years, they become expendable for employers. It’s not uncommon for them to fire older employees in exchange for younger ones who don’t expect to be paid as much or receive benefits.

Employers are willing to come up with any number of false pretexts for terminating your employment:

  • Lying about something you did at work / making up a situation that did not occur.
  • Blaming you for conduct the employer had previously approved.
  • Disciplining you for conduct that other employees are not disciplined for.
  • Stating performance as an issue at termination when there was no previous counseling or write-ups.
  • Subjective criticisms such as “not a team player,” “unmotivated,” or “lacks energy.”
  • Stating performance as an issue when there is history of good performance.
  • Relying on outdated performance criticism for your termination.

An employer can use any number of reasons to unlawfully terminate an employee. The Law Offices of Olga Troshchiy are more than experienced in your rights, and we’ll ensure that they are not compromised.
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